How to join us as a vendor on MySmart Sathi App

MySmart Sathi Multi-service app has been  providing various services since the day of its establishment. Food order, Vehicles Booking, Hotel Booking are some of the services that our application has been providing on a daily basis. You may have got a hint of what we provide.  By providing all these types of services through one app, you may have some queries about how are we able to provide these services? 

The answer is simple. We make vendors. So what are vendors? Vendors are the third parties i.e. restaurants & cafes, hotels & resorts, vehicles, etc that have come with an agreement with us to provide their products and services. You may have some questions like how can we be a vendor. Rest assured , this blog is all about how to join us as a vendor on MySmart Sathi App. 

To get better understanding about how to join with us, I'll explain it in steps. The steps are as under:

  1. Go on play store(Android) or app store(IOS)
  2. Type MySmart Sathi Vendor & Click on search button
  3. Install the application and click on register


  1. Go to our website
  2. Click on become a partner
  3. Fill up the form and proceed 


You can just contact us. Our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


We are enlisting vendors on two various basis. They are:

  1. On subscription basis: The vendor must pay some charges according to our subscription package and get services as enlisted for a year(365 days). The vendor directly gets the order from the user as their contact information with their location is published on our application.
  2. On Commission basis:  The vendor must provide 20% commission for what they sold to our company. The orders are first informed to us and we contact the following vendors to prepare orders.


After fulfilling the above mentioned procedure, They finally becomes the vendor and can operate their business digitally. Their information alongside their products and services , opening and closing hours , real time location, contact details are published on our application.

  Many still would have doubt about why to get enlisted with us by paying charges when there are lot of similar companies with higher publicity. The vendors may question for what benefits do they get by enlisting with us when there are lots of competitor on market . So here are the benefits our vendors are provided with:

  1. They can operate online business alongside their physical business which results in two kinds of customers i.e. physical customers and online customers.
  2. We publish their contact information alongside their real time location and the products and services they provide.
  3. They themselves can publish their products & services with the rate they want.
  4. We provide the system through which they can change their information such as duration, Location, contact details , products and price if necessary.
  5. We also provide delivery services but we charge the customers .
  6. The business is advertised as we gain all types of customers as we are a multi-service app.


  Your utmost priority might be joining with us after learning about the benefits. Todays world is engulfed by the internet and its boon. And online business is one of them. While there are many advantages to starting with us, it's essential to recognize that success still requires hard work, dedication, and effective planning. Additionally, Vendors face competition in a digital marketplace, so it's crucial to offer unique value to your target audience and continuously adapt to changing market dynamics. It would be tough to shine since they're competing against other vendors who have the same mentality to gain all the customers by providing best products and services. If you like this article or have any queries, then do leave a feedback below. I would love to hear back from you .

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