Hotel booking

 MySmart  Sathi  & investment Co. Pvt . Ltd is a private company established in order to provide the various digital services existed in the modern society , it was established in 2079 B.S(2023 A.D) From the day of it's establishment, it  has been providing digitally whether the services big or small  . The company has been providing service in different ways but the most important service that our company has been providing is my smart sathi multi service  app  . It is one of the  major project that our company had envisioned and is operating it for past   months .

As we know . It is multiservice app (meaning a single app providing multiple service ) ,It is user friendly since it gives the user everything they want under a single app hotel booking, food order, vehicles booking, smart delivery, smart shop, smart services,  nepali  market , Ride sharing . Any search are some of the services that our master app has been providing since the day of it's establishment. Among  them , I'd like to describe about a particular yet major service : Hotel booking .

A booking is the arrangement that you make when you book something such as a hotel room . Booking is an act of reserving  an  accommodation  , vip room booking, a cottage booking, a room booking, a banquet hall book family room booking etc in advance  booking can have difference conditions like: payment upon arrival , cash payment , non refundable  etc . The  main  purpose of the hotel reservation system is that it helps you get new bookings without paying commission to third party distribution channels . Users can make reservations online at any time and form  any where . There are two types of hotel booking   . 1) Direct booking and 2) Indirect booking s. within these different types  of  booking there are also multiple variations  including  instant  booking and pending booking. Booking activities is a complete booking tool designed for   activities  .  it  is very easy to use: drag and drop your activities onto your schedule , copy / paste a short code to display  booking from, or integrate it with commerce products. Hotel booking system is online booking engine that allows guests to make secure online reservations through   hotel website payments  online . 

  • Here is a list of hotel booking system features:
  1. Resort Booking
  2. Cottage  Booking
  3. Room Booking :
  4. VIP Room
  5. Mini villa Room
  6. Party Room
  7. Metting Hall
  8. Normal Room
  9. Standard room
  10. Deluxe Room
  11. Family room
  12. Hotel Room
  13. Banquet Booking
  14. Conference Hall Booking

Here  are hotel booking system benefits:

  1. Save Time
  2. Hotel Management
  3. Easily Integrate In Hotel Website
  4. Simply Hotel Booking Process
  5. Reduces Operational Costs
  6. Instant Booking Confirmation
  7. Improve Customer Booking Expert.

Hotel booking is one of the most popular service of   my smart sathi multiservice app. I am confident this article while help you more . If you have any queries then please feel free to comment below . I am  ready to hear  from you .

Thank you

Aarti kumari thakur