Why MySmart Sathi?



About Us:


Company's Name    : MySmart Sathi & Investment  Co.Pvt.Ltd.


Address                 : Head Office Bharatpur-10, Chitwan (Phone No. : 056-515853, 9801351162, 9801319353)


                                        Corporate Office Sukedhara-4, Police Beat, Kathmandu ( Phone No. : 015918571, 9802343772, 9802343679)


Company Registration No. : 304906/079/80


Official website   : www.mysmartsathi.com


System website  : www.mysmartsathi.org


App                            : Andoid/IOS - Customer -1, Vendor -1, Rider/ Delivery Rider -1



MySmart Sathi & Investment Co. Pvt. Ltd is a private company established in order to provide the various digital services existed in the modern society. It was established in 2079 B.S(2023 A.D).  From the day of it's establishment , It has been providing services digitally whether the services are big or small. The company has been providing services in different ways but the most important service that our company has been providing is MySmart Sathi Multi-service app. It is one of the major project that our company had envisioned and is operating it for past months.


   There might be some queries regarding why should we choose MySmart Sathi although having alternatives in market with better fame? I suppose better fame doesn't lead being better than everybody. Somethings are yet to be discovered and we are one of them .We are a multi-service app (meaning a single app providing multiple services), It is user friendly since it gives the user everything they want under a single app. Hotels Booking, Vehicles Booking, Food Order, Smart Delivery,  Smart Services, Smart Shop, Nepali Markets, Ride Sharing, Any Search are some of the services that our master app has been providing since the day of its establishment. Our company has been providing its services in various forms such as MySmart Sathi app, Smartonline Advertise, E-sathi mall etc.

Our Services :


  • Digital V Card

Blog,  portfolio, personal details, social site link, services details, clients logo listing, testimonials, contact maps details.


  • Digital CV and Portfolio

Resume experience, resume education, resume skills, testimonials, blog, contact maps/details.


  • Digital Website

Free web hosting, unlimited bandwidth, social site link, unlimited category, unlimited pages, blog and add system,  5 advertisement add included,  50 photo post included for gallery, connect your domain, sliding news updates, email marketing, live chatting, free sub domain, premium technical support.


  • Advertising Panel

Individuals/organizations can directly buy and sell their business, personal skills, old goods & products, agriculture-related items etc.. through digital advertisements and there is no hassle of middlemen, thus benefiting both buyers and sellers without any commission.


- An easy way to advertise digitally in digital age.

- Any amount can be advertised.

- Self advertising  system.

-  you can see the daily report yourself.

- Amount will be deducted based on viewers and clicks.


  • MySmartSathi App

MySmart Sathi App is a multi-service app our company has made for the people of our nation for its development. It provides all day to day life services to its users digitally.In today's fast-paced world, our lives have become increasingly intertwined with technology. We rely on our smartphones and computers for everything from communication to entertainment, from shopping to managing our finances. With this growing reliance on digital services, it's no wonder that our app have emerged as a game-changer in Nepali market.



  • Convenience: Our apps simplify users' lives by offering a one-stop solution for various needs. Users can access multiple services, such as ride-sharing, food delivery, e-commerce, and more, from a single app, reducing the need to download and manage multiple applications.
  • Time-saving: With all services accessible in one app, users can save time by not having to switch between different apps or websites to accomplish tasks or access information.
  • Cost-effective: Vendors can save money by joining on our application which provides them various services as per our package type. We provide different technologies which costs expensive. Some of them are digital v-card, mini website, blogs, advertisement panels and many more.
  • Enhanced user experience: Our app often integrate various features seamlessly, providing a consistent and user-friendly experience. Users can easily navigate between different services within the app.
  • Promotion: Vendors can promote their products and services efficiently as our application attract every types of users such as ride sharing users, Food order users, Vehicle booking users ,and many more.
  • Data synergy:  Our app can gather a wealth of data about user preferences and behaviors across different services. This data can be leveraged to personalize recommendations and improve user experiences for all services.
  • Loyalty programs: Our app is willing to implement loyalty programs that reward users for using multiple services within the app. This encourages users to stick with the platform and continue using its services.
  • Competitive advantage: Developing a successful multi-service app can give a business a significant edge in the market. It can be challenging for competitors to replicate the same breadth of services and user base.
  • Adaptability and scalability: Multi-service apps are adaptable and can evolve over time by adding new services or features to meet changing user demands. This scalability can help the app stay relevant in a dynamic market.
  • Ecosystem building: Multi-service apps can create ecosystems where users can seamlessly transition between services and products offered by the same company. This can foster brand loyalty and engagement.
  • Partnerships and collaborations: Multi-service apps can form partnerships with other businesses to expand their service offerings, such as collaborating with restaurants for food delivery or partnering with banks for financial services.

In conclusion, our app can provide a wide range of benefits to both users and the developers. The success of such an app depends on its ability to offer convenience, efficiency, cost savings, and a positive user experience. By considering these factors and potential areas for improvement, you can draw a well-rounded conclusion about the multiservice app's significance and potential in its respective market. We have been focusing on how to give our users the maximum services and will be constantly focusing on this sector. 

MySmart Sathi & Investment Co. Pvt. Ltd  is a technology based company. which provides  services and facilities from small to big through Internet in today's modern era. So, I'm confident that this company will be your utmost priority based upon the services its has been providing. If you like this article and this company or have any queries, then do leave a feedback below. I would love to hear back from you.

Thank You,

Sushil Rai